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Hey there friend and welcome to our website!!

I’m glad you’ve taken a bit of your time to check out our “About Us” page.
Your visit and interest in learning more about who is behind this project means a lot to me.

I and all staff working on Soccer Gear HQ really hope you enjoy your stay here.

The Author

Mike Martyns of SoccerGearHQ

Let me first quickly introduce myself.

My name is Mike Martyns and I run SoccerGearHQ.com.
I’m a professional writer and blogger from New York who writes essentially about sports.

I am what people generally call a ‘true soccer fan’, one that loves everything about the sport.

At a very young age, my family and I had to move to Europe to accompany my dad on his new job overseas.
It was a whole new experience to me and my relatives. I discovered a completely new world I never could have imagined even existed and felt in love with it from the very first second.

Going to school in a different country and playing with my new neighbors, I was influenced by the local culture and their boundless love for the sport of soccer — or football, as it is called in Europe.

The ‘soccer bug’ stuck on me like crazy glue and I kind of forced my parents to let me attend soccer practice at a major European soccer club: Sport Lisboa & Benfica, the Lisbon giants.

Mike Martyns of SoccerGearHQ

(Yeap, that’s a real eagle flying around Benfica’s stadium, as you can see in the video below — it happens before every match.)

It seemed I had some soccer skills on me and I continued practicing and playing the sport for many, many years.

I can honestly say that association football (a.k.a., soccer) changed my life in more than countless ways. In fact, my love for the ‘beautiful game’ has taken me several times around the World and back. I’ve written for high reputable publications worldwide in several languages.

I love every aspect of soccer, from the tactics to the actual playing; I even like experimenting new (and some times old 😛 ) soccer gear and I really enjoy putting the novelties to the test.

What Soccer Gear HQ Is

Soccer Gear HQ is your #1 soccer gear website.
We share detailed reviews on the best soccer gear and apparel available.

That’s not all, far from it!
Expect to find quality articles, facts and curiosities about the sport that moves millions of people across the globe.

Our Mission & Goals

Our mission and goal is to build a quality resource for all you soccer fans out there!
By publishing:

  • Lots of useful content we aim to help you find the right answers to your soccer-related questions.
  • Thorough reviews and in-depth analysis our objective is to lay out everything you need to know about whichever soccer item you’re considering purchasing.

We are here to:

  • Share our soccer knowledge with you.
  • Teach or remind you of some of the soccer fundamentals.
  • Offer you have a good time with our fun and entertaining content.
  • Push your performance sky high whether you’re a player or a coach.
  • Help you get the best gear so you can focus solely focus on becoming a better player.

Who We Are

Our team is passionate about soccer.

What’s not to love about soccer?
We love everything about it!

The game itself! The matches, players, coaches, referees (they play a fundamental role in the game and deserve to be treated with our deepest respect), teams, club championships, international tournaments, stadiums and supporters.

All the passion around it, the exciting plays, the outstanding goals!
In one word… EVERYTHING!

Yes, you’re right!! We also love all the soccer gear too. 🙂

And, when it comes to that, we only care about the best!
The best balls, cleats, shoes, gloves, goals, apparel… the best soccer gear!

Why This Site

We follow zillions of soccer blogs and websites — again, we are that passionated about it 🙂 — and we noticed that there’s a lack of quality resources on the internet.

Both as far as helping you become a more informed supporter, better player or coach and also as far as soccer gear is concerned.

So we decided to take make our passion useful for everyone.
That’s when and why Soccer Gear HQ was born.


We are delighted that you decided to come and visit us.
We really hope you enjoy your stay here and be back many more times.

Keep Soccer Close to Your Heart,
— Mike Martyns (SGHQ Team Captain)

P.S.: Here’s the flight of Benfica’s eagle Vitória before every home match.

SL Benfica – Bayern Munchen | Apr 13, 2016 – Champions League Quarter-final, Game 2