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Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind…?

How can I improve my soccer dribbling skills?

How can I run faster and increase my stamina?

How can I improve my soccer dribbling skills?

Where can I find the best soccer drills?

How can I become a better soccer coach?

How can I get better at soccer?

… If the answer is “yes”, then you’re in the right place!

How Can We Help

Proven exercises, routines and plans that you can at any stage of your soccer experience — regardless of your level or type of involvement.

I believe everyone who wants to reach higher in their favorite sport must master its most important facets.

How can you do it when there’s so much to learn and… you have other responsibilities in life?

Rather than going through hundreds of websites and wasting time on stuff that won’t get you very far, stick to our website!

About Mike Martyns

Mike Martyns

Mike Martyns is our chief content officer (CCO). In simpler terms, he’s in charge of producing content at SGHQ.

Mike is a professional writer and blogger from New York City. His writings are mostly focused around sports. He is what people generally call a “true soccer fan”, one that loves aspect of the beautiful game.

At a very young age, his family moved to Europe due Mike’s father new job overseas. Going to school in a different country and playing with his new neighbors, Mike soon got influenced by the local culture and their boundless love for football — as soccer is called in Europe.

So much so that Mike later convinced his parents to let him attend soccer practice at Benfica, the Lisbon Eagles, one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Mike continued practicing and playing the sport for many, many years and the rest, as they say, is history.

«I can honestly say that football changed my life in more than countless ways. In fact, my love for the beautiful game has taken me several times around the World and back. I’ve even been so lucky as to have written for high reputable publications worldwide.»