Copa America Ball 2016: Nike Ordem Ciento Review

By | Last updated June 10, 2016
Copa America Ball 2016: Nike Ordem Ciento Review

Copa America Centenario was 2016’s greatest soccer competition in America.

For great competitions we need the best match balls, right?

Introducing the Nike Ordem Ciento:

It was the official Copa America Ball in 2016’s edition of the oldest Association Football tournament on the Planet.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Nike Ordem Ciento official match ball, analyzing its pros and cons and taking a look closer at this Nike’s soccer ball.

We will be also talking a bit about Copa America Centenario along the way.

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Copa America Centenario

Copa America is the oldest international football tournament in Soccer history

2016 marked the 100th anniversary of Copa America and was also a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation).

It is the oldest and longest going international football tournament in the history of soccer.

Born in 1916, the tournament has always been played in South America featuring local national teams and some guest nations from other regions of the American continent.

The 2016 edition of the competition brought some novelties; for the first time matches were played outside South America and taken to the United States.

Ten cities in the U.S. hosted the games where an expanded number of contenders (16 teams) did their best to win the legendary trophy.

The winner of Copa America Centenario 2016 was Chile; the Chilean national team beat Argentina in the penalty shootout series (2-4) following a 0-0 tie in the 90 minutes and extra time.

Copa America Ball 2016

Nike Ordem Ciento

The Centenario edition of Copa America surely deserved a high quality, top notch official match ball.

Nike was in charge of manufacturing such a marvel:
A football that made it to the best soccer ball list.

Andrea Perez, General Manager of Nike Soccer North America, said how excited they were to be creating the official ball for the Copa America Centenario and explained how they tried to bring the brand’s innovation to the conception of the ball to help make the competition an “incredible spectacle”.

That’s when the Nike Ordem Ciento was introduced.

Nike Ordem Ciento Review

The Nike Ordem Ciento was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Copa America competition.

“Ciento” is “hundred” in Spanish and it refers to the “Centenario” (Centenary) edition of the tournament.

On its surface, you can see the Copa America logo in gold:
One side says 1916, the other side says 2016.

Copa America Centenario USA 2016 Nike Ordem Ciento

How Does the Nike Ordem Ciento Look?

It’s a typical Nike Ordem ball except it features different graphics, mostly.

This is the same ball that was used in the World’s best soccer leagues, more specifically in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A domestic leagues.

Copa America Centenario Official Match Ball

It has a white base, black outlining with a silver stroke for the pentagon shaped panels and it reads “Ordem Ciento” in one of those black outlines.

You can see the AEROWTRAC branding on another of the pentagon panels.

Nike AEROWTRAC technology

It also features a red brush stroke flowing around the surface of the ball like it was hand painted and it has gold accents along the red area and on the logo.

You can see the Nike swoosh logo in black with silver outline and inner stripes.

Finally, there’s — obviously — the FIFA Approved badge meaning this football has passed FIFA’s highly-demanding quality tests.

Nike Ordem Ciento FIFA Quality Pro Approved badge

Nike’s RaDar Technology

The Ordem Ciento’s look is actually part of Nike’s RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology.

Its graphic pattern creates a flickering effect when the ball is rotating which makes it easier for a player to see it through his / her peripheral vision. This allows for faster reaction times and improved decision-making.

What Kind of Panels Does the Nike Ordem Ciento Have?

This ball has 12 fuse-welded pentagon shaped panels.
They’re clearly noticeable considering they are the ones that have those big black outlines.

One might think there are a lot of smaller panels on the ball, but…

If you look closely, you’ll that those seemingly smaller panels inside aren’t actual panels.

Nike Ordem Ciento close-up details

They actually don’t go to the full edge.

That’s part of what Nike calls the AEROWTRAC technology.

What Is Nike’s AEROWTRAC Technology?

The AEROWTRAC technology — Nike Soccer’s latest proprietary innovation — consists of several grooves that were engineered to grip and to allow for more even airflow across the surface of the ball so that it could produce a truer trajectory and a more consistent and predictable flight pattern.

What does it mean?

It means that there won’t be any unexpected excessive movement or bubbling, because the ball will actually go where you intend it to go.

Passing, shooting, heading or curling will be more effective and will bring more accurate results because this football tends to be really predictable.

See It In Action

If you want to have a better feel of all the innovation, technology and construction process behind this soccer ball, watch this short video.

You’ll also be able see the Nike Ordem in action.

What Does It Feel Like?

The Nike Ordem Ciento was designed for a highly sensitive feel and engineered for an explosive response off the foot.

It consists of a 3-layer casing system featuring 12 fuse-welded panels (i.e.: there’s no stitching involved) with really no hard spots.

Inside there’s a poly-blend wrapped, free-floating carbon latex bladder.

The result?

A very consistent and firmer feel regardless of what it is you want to do with it; be it juggling, shooting, heading or passing.

It doesn’t feel too soft and it’s one of the heavier match balls, but not excessively heavy.

Is the Nike Ordem Ciento Worth Its Price?

High-end soccer balls such as the Nike Ordem Ciento — which was, mind you, the official match ball for the Copa America Centenario — aren’t cheap.

Now… you’re probably asking yourself:
«Is it really worth that price?»

It really is up to you do decide. The answer actually lies in you and how you’re planning to be using this football.

Premium balls — independently of their brand — really are the best of the best concerning how well they are constructed.

That’s unquestionable:
There is nothing better regarding build quality, durability, performance, responsiveness, trajectory predictability and feel.

A properly inflated official match ball is beyond comparison if you’re talking about those cheap $20 soccer balls you can buy just to kick around and have fun.

It feels amazingly and if you have ever used one you’d know it. It radically alters both your perspective on how a football should feel and your preferences on how to choose the best soccer balls.

There’s a HUGE difference…
… between premium top-end soccer balls and cheap soccer balls.

If you aim at nothing but the best and want to use the same ball that soccer stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Edinson Cavani, Clint Dempsey, James Rodríguez and Chicharito Hernández are using and are comfortable spending that amount then… yes, it is worth it.

If not then it is NOT worth it.
There’s no way around it; simple as that.

Wrapping Up — My Verdict

The Nike Ordem Ciento is an awesome ball.
It has a smooth feel and great performance, plus it looks beautiful.

It performs great in all the different aspects of the game: juggling, shooting, passing, heading and curling. Although it might be a little bit heavy — but not too much — all of these things are perfectly feasible and comfortably achievable.

Like with every ball the Nike Ordem Ciento has its own quirks, but there are no real complaints.

My verdict?
Totally recommended! It’s a great purchase!

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