Adidas Beau Jeu: UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Ball Review

By | Last updated June 10, 2016
Adidas Beau Jeu: Official Match Ball for Euro 2016 France

An essential part of any great soccer player’s game is having the right equipment.

For the “beautiful game” of football, nothing is more important than the ball itself.

Though we often hear stories of today’s greatest soccer players growing up in the streets of some deserted neighborhood playing pickup games with nothing but an old, deflated and dusty ball, today’s future footballers can have access to the same equipment and balls that the pros use.

My name is Mike Martyns and has been in love with soccer since the time I could walk, and thus kick a ball. As a youngster, I faithfully watched every Euro Cup and dreamed of having those infamous Euro balls to practice with.

This summer the Euro Cup will captivate millions of viewers around the world. The European soccer ball that will be gracing the feet of some of the World’s greatest players will also grab the attention of any true soccer fan.

This Euro 2016 match ball review will let you know the most important features of this quality soccer ball that will improve the game of both youngsters and experienced veterans alike.

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Euro 2016 Match Ball Review

UEFA Euro 2016 official match ball: Adidas Beau Jeu

Beau Jeu is French for “beautiful game”, the most apt description for the World’s most popular sport. And this Euro 2016 ball truly lives up to its lofty namesake.

The fact that it has been chosen as the UEFA Euro 2016 official match ball lets you know that it is truly a one of a kind football that combines technology, design and sharp looks.

UEFA Euro 2016 France

UEFA Euro 2016 France

The UEFA European Championship is, after the World Cup, the most prestigious international soccer tournament.

This tournament brings together the senior teams of every European country to determine the champion of the Old Continent. It’s hosted every four years, and last edition’s championship was watched by over 300 million people worldwide according to UEFA statistics.

This year, the tournament is hosted by France and will bring together famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Toni Kroos of Germany, Andrés Iniesta of Spain, Gareth Bale of Wales, Wayne Rooney of England and dozens of Europe’s best soccer players.

Thermally Bonded

Adidas Beau Jeu: Euro 2016 France football

Nothing is worse than having to call a game early because your ball is deflating every couple of minutes.

The Adidas Beau Jeu is thermally bonded at the seams which means that it’s pretty much impossible to ruin. This Euro soccer ball is one of the most durable balls out there and will allow you to keep playing with it for years on end.

A Unique Texture for the UEFA Cup Ball

Another unique feature of the European soccer ball is that it has a closed checkered board dimpled pattern that crosses the six panel design that has become a trademark of Adidas soccer balls.

Euro 2016 France: Adidas ball

While this may be hard to see from a distance, it does offer a better grip so that even on the rainiest days you’ll be able to make great contact with the ball while also improving your control and possession.

Euro 2016 Match Ball’s High Quality Graphics & Color Scheme

One of the best characteristics of this football is its decoration.

The color scheme combines off white, black, blue and a distinctive red-orange for a genuinely unique design. Blue stripes run across the six white panels to combine with orange numbers that are both stylish and will also help any player find the ball on the pitch and bring down even the most difficult cross field pass.

The numbers 2, 0, 1, and 6 are outlined in orange to give tribute to this year’s Euro Cup. Combined with the numbers are the letters that spell out EURO as well.

Euro 2016 ball

The ball also comes with the official logo of the UEFA Euro 2016 competition as well as with a picture of the cup that everyone is playing for.

Euro 2016 ball: Adidas Beau Jeu

Unboxing: See How the Adidas Beau Jeu Looks Fresh Out of the Box

Watch this short video where a brand-new Adidas Beau Jeu is unboxed and its details are shown up close.

Pros & Cons

The new Adidas football for the Euro 2016 is a great choice for any footballer.

  • The seamless surface technology coupled with the textured surface will offer better control for players of all talent levels.
  • Cover, backing and the bladder are all produced with the highest end materials.
  • All these factors make this ball one of the most durable soccer balls on the market.
  • It also boasts of FIFA’s highest ratings passing official tests for weight, shape, size retention over time and water uptake.

In terms of quality, there isn’t anything to complain about with this inimitable Euro 2016 ball, but it does come at a cost.

  • Being a premium match ball as it is — after all, it’s the official match for the Euro 2016!! — it is not a cheap ball; quality does need to be paid.

Biggest Competitor: the Nike Ordem Ciento

The main competitor for this premium Euro ball is the Nike Ordem Ciento, the Copa America Ball 2016 — the official football for this summer’s other international tournament, the Copa America Centenario.

The Nike Ordem Ciento comes with 12 panels as compared to the 6 panels on the Adidas Beau Jeu. The Nike competitor is fuse welded with synthetic leather casing.

Like the Beau Jeu, a vibrant color scheme also helps players track the ball.

In terms of quality, the Adidas UEFA Cup Ball is most likely more durable than its Nike counterpart, though both balls are of the highest quality.

The Nike Ordem Ciento, however, will probably cost you a bit more since it is currently selling for a higher price.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Beau Jeu is a worthy follow up to the Adidas Brazuca which was the ball used during the last World Cup in Brazil.

It maintains all of the appreciated qualities of the Brazuca while also adding a textured, dimpled design over the six panels that add needed grip to help with possession and control.

It is well worth the price as the quality of this match ball is one of a kind.

The Beau Jeu also boasts a unique and unmatched design that is stylish and trendy.

My verdict?
Highly recommended!
It’s one of the best soccer balls ever produced!!

This Euro 2016 match ball review highly recommends the Beau Jeu for any soccer fanatic who is looking for a great, top-notch ball to improve his or her game while adding style to any soccer field.

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